Farm Shop Butchery

Beef bred from our own suckler cow herd, Lamb and Mutton.

Also Pedigree British Lop pork and Free Range Eggs.

Matured on the bone in our own chill store.

Any size orders taken.


The Harness Room & Farmhouse Kitchen are open Thursday & Saturday 9-4 for refreshments & cooked products.
Please see the relevant page for further details.

What we do

Minting Park Farm is a family run mixed farm of approximately 600 acres, situated in the centre of Lincolnshire to the south side of the ancient Limewoods. We have a suckler cow herd and a flock of sheep, and grow wheat, barley, beans and grass which feed our stock. After converting buildings, we have a butchers shop/cutting area, chill store and freezer room, from which we market our wonderfully tasty beef lamb and mutton. A recent addition to our range is a small group of Pedigree Lop pigs. One of Britains most endangered rare breeds , as well as our own Free-Range chickens. All meat is hung on the bone in our chill store to properly mature and give optimum flavour and tenderness.

Our Beliefs

Good quality meat is something that cannot be rushed.

Special requests and any size orders, fresh or frozen, large or small, are taken, or call and see what we have available in our beautifully presented counter.

We aim to give you a top quality product at a competitive price .