Fresh meat over the counter

In our shop counter we have a selection of home-bred and grown Beef, Lamb Mutton & British Lop Pork, on and off the bone.

All joints and steaks are cut to your requirements.

Please ask if there is something you are looking for as we have a large selection of cuts and will prepare something specially for you if required.

Each week there are special offers in the counter.

Sausage varieties change weekly and we also have a gluten free range.

We Dry-Cure all our British Lop Gammon & Bacon and have Back, Streaky & Collar Bacon always available.

The Gammon is suitable as slices (very lightly cooked) or as boiling or roasting joints.


Braising Steak
Brisket Fillet
Fore-Rib Frying Steak King Arthurs Roast
Lean Mince Ox Heart Ox Kidney
Ox Liver Oxtail Peppered Steak
Rump Shin Silverside Sirloin
Slow Roasting Joint Stewing Steak Topside


Boned Shoulder
Boneless Rump Breast
Diced Lamb Heart Kidney
Leg Fillet Leg Shank Leg Steaks
Liver Loin Chops Mince
Scrag / Neck Chops Shoulder Blade Shoulder Shank
Whole Leg
Whole Shoulder


Belly Pork
Black Treacle Cured Back Bacon
Black Treacle Cured Gammon Boneless Leg
Chipolatas/Speciality Chops
Dry Cured Back Bacon Fillet/Tenderloin
Gammon/Streaky Bacon Leg
Lincolnshire Sausages Loin Steaks
Offal Shoulder


Free Range Eggs